Section 8 Housing

What is Section 8 Housing?

Section 8, also known as the Housing Choice program, is a federally subsidized housing program offering low-income families rental payment assistance in efforts to help them sustain livelihood even when it seem the odds are stacked against them. Families in the program find their own houses Section 8, which must be approved by the local Section 8 office before rental is acquired. If the home passes the inspection, a portion of the rent is paid on behalf of the program participant. The remainder of the rent is the responsibility of the tenant to pay.

What is a Section 8 Housing List?

The Section 8 housing program is available in most major cities throughout the United States. Because of the program popularity, there often is a lack of available funding, thus names are placed on a waiting list. The section 8 waiting list placement is given to those approved for the program, although the order in which you are placed is based upon numerous factors. Many of the Section 8 houses waiting lists come with waits of one year or longer.

Can I Apply for Section 8 Online?

Some government agencies allow Section 8 applications to be completed online, but the feature isn't available for every housing agency. Note any special days and times for open applications online with those that allow an online application process, as many keep them closed until there is available space. Check with the local public housing agency in your area to learn if online applications are available.

Benefits of Section 8 Housing

Numerous studies conducted concerning Section 8 housing proves that the benefits far outweigh the cons. An average of $500-$1,400 is spent on each family using the housing subsidy, an amount that helps them toward self-sufficiency while helping them sustain their livelihood. Individuals receiving the assistance are able to afford homes and survive, even when there is one parent absent or finances are simply lower than the average family's income.

Top 5 Routes for "Section 8 Housing"

  1. HUD The Housing and Urban Development agency oversees the Section 8 program. A visit to the official website provides all the information needed to begin the application process. There's a list of public housing agencies in all states, information and tips for completion of the application and more found here. Being the official website, you can ensure accurate, up-to-date information is found here.
  2. GoSection8 GoSection8 is a website bringing landlords and Section 8 tenants together. One easy search could help you land the home of your dreams. All landlords here accept the Housing Choice program vouchers. The site is free to browse and use.
  3. Section8 Housing Section8 Housing is an informative site that details how to apply for Section 8, how to speed up the application process, determination and eligibility tools, provides helpful tips and more.
  4. provides statistical data concerning the Section 8 programs in various states. Additionally, the website helps you learn more about the program and how it benefits the community, how to apply for the housing waiting list and an abundance of additional details.
  5. provides information concerning the Housing Choice program, lists of public housing agencies across the state, application information and more. The site provides step-by-step information for anyone who wants to apply for Section 8.

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